Topics covered this year


Sundeen File

Unit 1- Reasoning
Unit 2-Trigonometry
Unit 3-Angles and Polygons
Unit 4-Statistics
Unit 5-Quadratic Equations
Unit 6-Linear Inequalities
Unit 7-Ratios and Rates

Unit 1- Reasoning

1. Proving/disproving a conjecture

2. Conjectures/Inductive Reasoning


Unit 2- Trigonometry

4. Sine Law

5. Cosine Law

6. Ambiguous Case (How many triangles can be created)

Unit 3 Angles and Polygons

7. Parallel Lines and Transversals

8. Angles and Polygons

Unit 4- Statistics

9. Measures of Central Tendency

10. Standard Deviation

11. Normal Distribution

12. Z-Scores

13. Statistical Inferences

Unit 5- Quadratic Equations

14. State the key points of a quadratic equations (vertex, domain, range, intercepts, axis of symmetry and max/min points)

15. Solve quadratic equations by factoring

16. Solve quadratic equations by using the quadratic equation

Unit 6- Linear Inequalities

17. Graph a linear inequality

18. Graph a system of linear inequalities

19. Solve Optimization Problems

Unit 7- Ratios and Rates

20. Convert units to solve situational problems