1. Interest
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Managing Debt (Credit)
  4. Slope
  5. Representing Data
  6. Right Triangles
  7. 3D Geometry
  8. Scales and Scale Drawings

Topic 1- Interest

Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Rule of 72 (Investments)
Applications of Compounding Interest

Topic 2-Managing Debt

Research Financial Institutes
Loans, Lines of Credits and Overdrafts
Credit Card Debt

Topic 3- Personal Finances

Different types of Income
Gross vs Net Income
Creating a Budget

Topic 4-Slopes and Rates of Change

Rise over Run
Rates of Change
Applications of Slope

Topic 5- Representing Data

Line Graphs
Bar Graphs
Circle Graphs

Topic 6- Right Triangles

Trig Ratios (reviewed)
Pythagorean Theorem (reviewed)
Solving Right Triangles (with more than one triangle)
Applications of Solving Right Triangles

Topic 7-Three Dimensional Geometry

Using a formula
Surface Area
Composite Objects

Topic 8- Scales and Scale Drawings

Different Perspectives
Scale Drawings
3D Drawings