1. Unit Pricing and Currencies
  2. Business Mathematics
  3. Measurement
  4. Mass and Volume
  5. 3 Dimensional Geometry
  6. Angles
  7. Similarity of polygons
  8. Right Triangles and their properties

Topic 1-Currencies and Exchanges

Unit Pricing
Applications of Unit Pricing
Converting currencies
Applications of Converting Currencies

Topic 2-Business Mathematics

Wages, Salary and other ways of making money
Income Tax, CPP, EI, etc...
Calculating Net Pay
Are we taxed too much?



Topic 3-Measurement

What is a unit?
Different systems of measurement
SI vs Imperial system
Converting linear units
Applying linear measurement

Topic 4-Mass and Volume

Converting Units
Real Estate
Applying two dimensional measurement Hopper Example

Topic 5-Three Dimensional Geometry

Using formulas to find surface area
Using formulas to find volume
Irregular objects (applying formulas)

Topic 6-Angles

Drawing and Sketching Angles
Constructing Angles
Bisecting Angles
Parallel Lines (with Transversal)
Perpendicular Lines
Applications of Angles

Topic 7-Similarity of Polygons

Determining if two polygons are similar
Drawing Polygons that are similar
Applications of Similar Triangles

Topic 8- Right Triangles

Parts of a right triangle
Sine, Cosine and Tangent
Pythagorean Theorem
Solving right triangles
Applications of right triangles