Topics covered this year
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of factors
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of irrational numbers
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of SI and Imperial units of measurement
  4. Develop and apply the primary trigonometric ratios
  5. Demonstrate understanding of the multiplication and factoring of polynomial expressions
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of slope and linear relations
  7. Solve problems that involve systems of linear equations in two variables graphically and algebraically
  8. Expand and apply an understanding of relations and functions

Topic 1- Fun with Factoring

Prime Factorization
Establishing a greatest common factor
Finding the least common multiple

Video Lesson on Factors and Factoring

Topic 2-Exponents and Irrational Numbers

Rational vs Irrational
Ordering irrational numbers
Simplifying irrational numbers (radicands 1<n<5)
Exponent Laws

Video Lesson on simplifying radicals, perfect squares and perfect cubes

Video Lesson on fractional exponents and negative exponents

Topic 3-International System of Units and Imperial System of Units

What is a unit of measurement? (1D, 2D and 3D)
International (SI) vs Imperial System
Surface Area
Applications of measurements

Topic 4-Trigonometric Ratios

Similar shapes, establishing proportions
Pythagorean Theorem
Right triangles and their side lengths/angles
Adjacent, Opposite and Hypotenuse
Soh Cah Toa???
Applications of Trigonometric Ratios

Midterm #1- Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Topic 5-Polynomials

Multiplying Polynomials
  • Distribution of a monomial onto a trinomial- ex1
  • Binomial x Binomial- ex2
  • Binomial x Trinomial- ex3
  • Trinomial x Trinomial (four binomials that turn into that) ex4
Pulling out a Common Factor
Trinomial Method
Trinomial Factoring (decomposition)

Topic 6-Linear Relations

Developing an equation (given two points, slope and point, slope and y-int) ex1 ex2

General form of an equation ex1 ex2 (solve for K-part 1)Part 2
  • General Form to y=mx+b form ex1
  • Getting to General Form ex3
Parallel and perpendicular lines ex1ex2

Table of Values ex1

Topic 7-Systems of Linear Relations

Graphically solving systems of Linear Relations ex1
Substitution ex1 ex2
Elimination ex1
Word Problem ex1

Topic 8-Functions vs Relations

What is a function?
What is a relation?
How can we tell if it's a function or not?